Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Two 10,000 gallon water storage tanks insulated and jacketed with stucco embossed aluminum. Produced for a project on the North Slope of Alaska.
16′ diameter by 140′ long process vessel. 155,000 pounds.

A barge crane picks up the vessel at our yard for for barge delivery to a northwest refinery.

90″ wide X 40′ overall 5″ thick shell. 100 tons. Shipped from our rail spur to a food processing plant in California.
Large diameter expansion joints for a nuclear testing device. Supplied to the US Department of Defense.
Deaerator & Storage Tank
  • 100% X-rayed
  • Ultrasonic tested
  • Wet fluorescent magnetic particle tested
  • Dye penetrant tested
  • Stress relieved
  • Hydro tested
A reducing rectangular flanged shape, turning to a 90° elbow which then transitions from rectangle to a round flanged shape. Built for an aluminum rolling mill.
A scroll case to feed water into the turbine generator for a northwest hydroelectric project.